Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Shameless Plea to Vote for Me!

Yes, you know I can't resist a good competition.  No it's not the time of the year for Apartment Therapy's Room for Color, but it is another Apartment Therapy competition.  This time it's solely based on bedrooms.  And seeing as I just did a mini-makeover of mine, I thought I'd enter.

I'm playing major catch-up because the competition has been going for over 2 weeks and my room just got uploaded yesterday.  Nevertheless, I'm doing surprisingly well with over 200 votes and 8th position.  I need to get into the top 4 to win any prize and let me tell you the competition is tough.  I think all of the top 4 deserve to win.  Competition ends April 1st, I think.  So if you could throw a vote my way I'd be ever so grateful ;)


P.S  You do have to sign in to vote but Apartment Therapy won't sell your email or spam you, I promise.  You can sign in 3 ways, either with your email, Facebook, or twitter.  Thankyou!!!!


  1. Done and done!! :) Good luck hun!! xxx

    1. Thanks!! You should enter yours in the International Division, I'm sure you'd get tonnes of votes.

    2. I could never put my home on Apartment Therapy - they are vicous there, my place would be torn to shreds! lol xxx