Wednesday, March 27, 2013

John Robshaw inspired bedroom from World Market

I was in World Market the other day looking at Easter stuff when I couldn't help but be drawn to their bohemian inspired voile quilts.  They reminded me so much of the beautiful John Robshaw textiles that I saw in ABC Carpet & Home on my trip to New York in February.

Here's the bed that I saw in New York.

Isn't it yummy?  And I can imagine tres expensive.

I saw some other bohemian inspired accessories in World Market that got me thinking;  maybe I could recreate this look for a fraction of the price just using furniture & bedding from there.  So here's my mood board.

What do you think?  It's the first time I've used Olioboard and it took me forever.  But I think it's not a bad representation.  Obviously I wouldn't use all of the pillows and maybe change a few things, but for a bedroom for a teenager, I think this is pretty sweet.  And if you used everything on this board it would set you back $3500.  Which isn't bad for a whole room full of furniture and accessories.  The biggest expense is the bookcase at $799.  The bed is an amazing low price of only $299.99!  Now if only I knew of someone that has a teen/tween that would like me to design a room for them.  I'd have so much fun.  And amazingly, even though I wouldn't recommend buying all of your furniture from one store, this manages to still look collected.

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