Monday, March 25, 2013

Same Bedding, Different Home

Just stumbled upon a house tour that is featured today on Design Sponge that shares one or two similarities with my own.  The home belongs to Interior Decorator Jessica McKay from Birdhouse Interior Design.  The first similarity that I noticed was that she converted her attic space into a master bedroom, just like we did.  Not only that, but the bedding she has chosen for her bed and her guest bed is the same DwellStudio bedding that I chose.  It's interesting to see how different it looks in her home.  I like how she has layered it with blankets.  Take a look.

She also had the rooms recently featured in Small Room Decorating Magazine.  Here is how they look in the magazine that you can see on her blog.

Notice the angles of the master bedroom.  Looks similar, no?

And finally, we had to say goodbye to this little cutie today.  He reached the grand old age of 17 3/4.

Ringo, we love you.  You were the best cat ever : ( .  May you be chasing birds in kitty heaven.


  1. Awww I'm so so sorry about your kitty. He was absolutely beautiful and I'm sure your home will feel empty without him :( Hugs xxx

  2. I lost a 17 year old dog last year, so I feel for you. Sorry...

    1. Wow 17 is ancient for a dog. He must have been very spoiled and well taken care of. It's hard when you lose your baby :(

  3. Thanks Kimberly, I just expect to keep seeing and hearing him. He was such an awesome cat. Can't believe he's gone.