Friday, March 29, 2013

Nightstand Styling Contest Update

You guys are going to think that all I do is enter design contests!  You might be right.  Just joking.  I love design, I think the contests are fun, and it might help kickstart my dream career.  Anyway, the nightstand styling contest that Emily Henderson held over on her blog has officially finished and a winner has been announced.  Drum roll please..........Nope, didn't win. But I was in her top 30, yay!

This is what she said on her blog:


I once thought I would be an amazing Bachelorette (on the show, not just a single chick) but all my dreams were crushed this week. You see it took me 3 days, THREE DAYS, to choose my favorite nightstand.  I kept going back and fourth – #2 has beautiful branches, a great lamp, etc, #3 is more masculine and that is such a nice contrast to my style …. #7 i kept coming back to because the colors and artwork are so weird ….
If I were the bachelorette I would be up there with my final rose going back and forth like, well he is so nice to grandmas but he wears Ed Hardy, and he is so funny and smart but quotes the movie Predator too much….
In case you are just stopping by, i started a nightstand styling contest and 200 people entered.  You win some dope tables from Serena and Lily.  There were 3500 people who voted, with close to 7,000 views and 2 winners – 1 with the most votes and 1 that is my pick.  Here are my favorites below.  Yes there are 30.

There I am at numero 12.

Thanks Emily, it was fun.

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