Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Chic Chinoiserie

More new bedding!  Yep, the other duvet set from DwellStudio arrived.  And I love it just as much as the peacock one.  It's brightened the room up even more.

I think it photographs better than the peacock bedding because it's less busy.  They both look really pretty in person though.

And if it wasn't hard enough making a decision which duvet I like best, now I have to decide on which side table I like.

The side table above is from Target.  It has that chinoiserie vibe to it.  But it is crappily made and maybe a little boxy.

The tulip table I borrowed from the bathroom.

I'm leaning towards getting another tulip table.  I like that the shape offsets all of the square angles of the other pieces.

*UPDATE*  I've entered my bedroom in Apartment Therapy's Bedroom Retreat Contest.  If you like it, please throw a vote my way, thanks!!


  1. I love your little sleeping nook. So sweet and cozy. I prefer the bird bedding over the peacock, like you said, it lightens the whole space.Love your changes. Thanks for sharing, liz

  2. I love them both but I vote for the peacock bedding - it just looks so boho and COOL. And deffo on the tulip table - most rooms need round objects to balance them out - too many square edges (especially as most rooms are square/rectangular by nature) and it's not as pleasing on the eye so you want to introduce as many round shapes as you can. Bravo though, your room is FABULOUS!!! xxx

  3. Thanks Kimberly, funny you should say that about the tulip table because I took the other table back to Target yesterday. It was a cheap piece of crap (pardon my french) anyway. I haven't ordered another tulip table yet because I'm waiting to see if I win the Serena & Lily ones over on Emily Henderson's blog. I don't think that I have much chance though seeing as I only have 16 votes!!

    As for the bedding, I think I like them equally. They make the room look totally different so I will enjoy seeing a new room every wash day!

    I'm also debating getting some brass wall swing arm sconces instead of the lamps. I think it will add a touch of sophistication instead of looking sweet like the current lamps do. We'll have to see what the budget allows.

    And thanks for the comments! I really appreciate them.

  4. Just came across this page in a google search... love your blog!! Do you happen to remember what paint color you used in your bedroom? I have been looking for a very similar color! Seems to look good in all sorts of light! Thanks!

  5. Thanks Michelle! Unfortunately I can't remember the colour of the paint, only that it was a Martha Stewart paint.