Thursday, January 29, 2015

Move over Lunet chair, there's a new favorite in town!

I collect chairs like most women collect shoes!  I guess there's something similar between a pair of shoes and a well crafted chair: they both can be sculptural like a piece of art; they both can be pretty as well as practical; and they both can elevate a room or an outfit into a statement.

I love looking at all styles of chairs, but I don't become obsessed with them until they reach my price range AND I have somewhere in mind for said chair to go.  No point lusting after an Eames recliner if you can't afford a real one and you don't have room for one anyway.

Luckily both of those prerequisites were satisfied shortly after Christmas when I realized that after the tree was taken down, there felt like there was a huge empty space in the corner of the room that was just crying out for something.  Previously the space had been taken up by the drum kit, but since moving that to the basement, that spot had been left bare.  Also, luckily for me, my favorite store, Anthropologie, were having a huge sale with an extra discount of 40%.  I snagged this chair for less than $500!

And it finally arrived today.  It's now taken up residence in the hollow spot, but I like it so much I may have to swap it with my other favorite from Anthropologie, the Lunet chair.

Here it is, not where it's going to go, but doesn't it look pretty against the white fireplace?

Tufted Emilie Chair

And here it is in situ.

Still debating whether it looks better with the cushion or not.  It certainly matches the painting which incidentally I picked up for $95 from a local thrift store.  The thing that drew me to the painting was that it's a picture of Union Square in San Francisco which is where my husband proposed to me 21 years ago!

Here the chairs are together.  You can see that there's definitely similarities between the two so they work together in the same room.

Look at that gorgeous tufting!

It adds a spot of color to this corner.

But I still think I prefer the Lunet chair there; the scale is better suited.

The only regret I have is that I didn't buy two!  I think in my next house, they would look perfect together either in front of a fireplace or around a small side table.