Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Eve 2012

Warning, this post contains lots and lots of photos.

After scouring a five mile radius of downtown Salt Lake City on Saturday, we finally found our tree. And she's a beauty: 12 feet tall and surprisingly symmetrical.  We were lucky because our regular lot had closed for the season; Whole Foods, Smiths & Home Depot had sold out days ago. We even contemplated buying a fake tree, but thankfully we drove past Western Gardens which still had at least a dozen left.  And the trees are from Utah which makes it even better.  Better yet, we were able to talk them down from $100 to $50.

Here's Damian securing the bolts.

Everyone took it in turns decorating.  Then Callum took a nap!

I don't think we can fit anything more in our house.

The boys decorated a gingerbread house.

Callum played with the train.

Oh, and I almost forgot, Callum lost a tooth.  This is his fourth tooth that he's lost on Xmas Eve.  The boy has good timing.

The boys opened their new Xmas pajamas and we all sat down and watched A Christmas Story while eating fondue.

Of course we lit a fire.

And donned Santa hats.

Then the boys acted out a play from an Enid Blyton Christmas book.

Callum learning his lines.

Reading Roman's version of T'was a Night Before Christmas.  His involves Star Wars characters.

Finally a picture of me!

It was time for bed, but not before the boys had written their notes to Santa.

Not sure if Santa's going to have enough time to answer Roman's questions.

Favorite whisky??

And to all a good night!