Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Client Project Update

Wow, you're probably wondering what happened to me.  Well I've been in the UK for the past month visiting family and friends.  I had meant to post pictures and updates about my trip but unfortunately my good camera was stolen from outside of Jamie Oliver's restaurant in Cornwall, boo hoo!  So I lost a gazillion photos of the first half of my trip which I'm still sick about.  Anyway, life goes on.

Since I've been back in the States a client rug has arrived and it's looks perfect in the space (rugs are always a tricky thing to get right!).

Here's how the space looked before my client hired me.

It's a huge space with a very tall cathedral ceiling.  The client had recently installed the cherry floors and painted the room.  The dining set was also new; so there wasn't much that could be changed in here.  But my first suggestion was to move the dining table into the alcove with the windows thus allowing the fireplace to become the focal point with seating around it.  The clients were willing to sell the leather sofa which they had had for over 10 years because although it was in perfect condition, it just didn't go with the rest of the room.  I suggested a linen or linen look sectional with an accent chair to go in front of the mantel, but my clients really like the look and easy maintenance of leather so we found a leather sectional from Macy's which is a little more contemporary and seats more than the previous sofa.

The rug is from West Elm and really helps to anchor the space.  We decided on a 9 x 12 rug to delineate the seating area from the dining area almost like creating a room within a room. I also love how the graphic lines update the space and keep it from looking too formal.  The black on the rug also ties in with the granite on the fireplace and the the black of the grand piano which you can't see in these pictures but is to the right of the sofa.

I would love to see a colorful fabric ottoman in here maybe something in a cherry red, vibrant yellow or a color taken from the painting for an unexpected pop but my clients are happy with the way it is for now.

*I'm currently taking on new clients so if you're interested, please give me a call.  I can help you with something as simple as rearranging your current furniture, helping with suggestions for window coverings to whole room and house design.  If you don't live in the Salt Lake area, I also offer e-design.*