Wednesday, September 10, 2014

From Gross to Glam: Sweet Brass Chairs Makeover

Remember those brass chairs that I bought from Goodwill for $5 a few months ago?  No you probably don't, it's been that long.  Anyway, I finally busted out the old stapler and got to work.

I decided to go with a plain lilac fabric, despite my usual penchant for patterns.  The chairs took less than a couple of hours each.  I didn't remove the old fabric, but merely stapled the new fabric on top.


The base and back attached to the brass frame by a couple of screws, so it was really easy to  disassemble.

 The brass shined up really well with some help of some Brass.


Total cost for each chair was about $7.50!  Labor not included, of course.

I originally thought that they would work in my office.

I'm still deciding on the picture.

The chairs look okay in here if you only look at this side of the room.

But in the context of the whole room, they just don't fit in.  So they're up for sale if anyone wants to buy them!