Friday, September 20, 2013

Wingback chair makeover Part 2

Sorry, but this post isn't going to contain any pretty pictures.  But it is the next installment on how to reupholster a wingback chair.

An important thing to remember is that to take lots of pictures so you know exactly how to reconstruct the chair.  Also important is to keep the old fabric that you pull off and label it.  You will be using this fabric as a template for your new fabric.

Don't forget to also label which side is up.

Once you strip all of the fabric and batting off you are left with something like this.

You want to check the sturdiness of your chair to see if you have to do any reinforcements.  Sometimes you'll want to tighten screws or use nails.

Check the foam to see if it's still good.  You can reuse some of these things.  The decking (padding on the seat bottom) was still ok but I decided to add a little bit more padding for extra cushioning.

 Now comes the tricky part; deciding what fabric to use.

DwellStudio Vintage Plumes in Jade

DwellStudio Peony 

DwellStudio Peony and DwellStudio Fretscene Canary
Any guesses as to which fabric I chose.  Stay tuned, all will be revealed next week ;)

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  1. Please please please tell me you used that amazing Dwell Studio fabric!!! You tease you!! ;) x