Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Wingback chair fabric choices

It's time to think about what the heck I'm going to recover the wingback chair in.  I definitely want something with a pattern, but do I go graphic, or do I go organic?

For some reason a little voice inside my head has been telling me to use DwellStudio's Vintage Plumes fabric.  Yes, birds again!  I've seen this fabric in person and it is really pretty; a sort of modern take on chinoiserie.  It's not exactly like my peacock bedding but close enough that I could put them together in the same room.  But that shouldn't matter, because I'm not sure if I'm going to keep the chair once I finish it.

Here's some pictures of furniture upholstered in the Vintage Plumes fabric.

I've seen this fabric for sale at my local Calico Corners.  You can buy it online for around $60 a yard!  And considering that I would need at least 5 yards of it, well that kind of settles it then, doesn't it?

Still not to be deterred, I decided to make the trip to Calico to see if they had it for less.  On the way, though, I stopped into Hancock Fabrics to see what selections they had.  It's a bit hit and miss at Hancock; you never know what you're going to find.  I was surprised to see Thomas Paul fabric there (the same pattern as my famous office chair!).

It's not the same fabric but the print is the same.  I think I'm over it though.

I do think that the yellow above could look nice and fresh.  If I was to use the two fabrics, I would put the floral on the inside of the chair (i.e. chair seat and back and arms) and the graphic print I would put on the outside of the wings and arms and the back (hope that makes sense).  Yes, I'm up to my old tricks again of mixing graphic and organic.  The price for the above fabrics is $24.99 a yard, but it is currently 50% off.  So I could potentially reupholster for around $60.

Next stop was Calico Corners where I was surprised to see that they don't carry DwellStudio anymore, or many Thomas Paul fabrics for that matter.

I did see this Dixon slub on clearance.  I love the hex print, very David Hicks, but not the colour.

A client had asked me to source some kelly green imperial trellis wallpaper for her, so when I saw this fabric below it totally reminded of that style.  The green and white would be really fun, but the material wasn't strong enough for upholstery use.

So I totally struck out at Calico, but I did have one more place in mind.  One of the ladies on my upholstery course mentioned a fabric store called Home Fabrics.  She said it was way cheaper than any other fabric store in town and often had close-out fabrics for really good deals.  Let me tell you, I was skeptical; especially when I first walked in.  Rows and rows of not particularly inspiring fabrics and a buzzing overhead light that really started to get on my nerves.  Just as I was about to leave, you wouldn't believe what I spied.  Ok you've probably guessed it by now, and I swear I didn't make this up.  

Seriously!  It's the power of The Secret.  Now if only it would work for me getting a gorgeous colonial home that I dream about.

Was it too good to be true?  Did they have enough fabric on the roll?  I scooped up the fabric, clutching it tightly in my hands.  Nobody's going to be stealing my find!  Not that anyone would because there was only one other person in the store.  And why am I being so dramatic?  Anyway, turns out there is 4 3/8 yards.  Let's hope it's enough.  Total price, just over $60.

Having said that, still not sure I'm going to use it or go with the yellow.  

Here's the chair as a reminder.

What do you think? Graphic, floral or both!

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  1. My jaw literally dropped when I saw the price!! Oh my god, what a steal!! And if you don't have quite enough, you could do a combo with a graphic print - it could look really amazing! xx