Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Oh, sofa how I covet thee!

I know it's a crazy addiction, but when I see a piece of furniture that just blows my mind, I think about it constantly.  You know how it goes; wouldn't life just be perfect if you had it?  Wouldn't it solve all of your decorating woes?  Wouldn't you suddenly become more attractive, more fit, more productive etc, etc?

Here's my latest obsession.  It's the tufted ditte sofa from Anthropologie.

Can't you just hear the angels singing?  But wait... what she's $3998!  Seriously, you could buy a cool scooter for that.  But wouldn't it look so much better than my current sofa?

And it matches my curtains perfectly.  So here's to hoping it goes on sale for like 25% of the price.  You know I bought the Anthro Lunet chair for less than that, so I'm keeping my hopes up :)


  1. Ughhh it's STUNNING. To hell with the budget, buy it immediately. (never said I'd be good for your wallet, right?) ;) xxx

    1. Kimberly, I decided to take your advice and buy it! It said on the check out page that there was only a few left. Well that sealed the deal. But unfortunately when I went to pay I realized that I didn't have the extra $600 for shipping and tax. Guess that settles it then ;)