Thursday, September 12, 2013

Room for Color 2013

So I entered Apartment Therapy's Room for Color Contest again!  Yes, I know, am I just a sucker for punishment or what?  Well, anyway, it doesn't look like I'm going to do nearly as well as I have the past few years.  Unfortunately the photos I submitted don't really show the whole room and quite a few people have called me on it.  I honestly must have been having a brain fart (my son's favorite term) when I submitted the pictures.

So for all the people who have asked in the comments on AT to see more pictures, I hope these help.

You're probably thinking, that's a strange ceiling?  Yes, we have a balcony that looks down from upstairs into this room.  This room, which is the family/living room, is in the middle of the house.

The picture above shows some of the cool original features of the house.  We have 2 massive working pocket doors, and believe me, they come in handy when Roman's banging on the drums.

This window is actually bowed.  I don't know if you can tell in the photo or not, but it was a pain to find a rod for so I had to make one out of pvc pipe.  There's also some original stained glass and leaded glass windows in the house.

And below are the pictures that I submitted to Apartment Therapy.

Here's a snippet of some of the comments I've received so far.

So I hope you'll like it enough to vote!

To vote, go HERE and click on the favorite button which is a heart.  You have to sign in to vote, but Apartment Therapy don't spam you or send you emails unless you ask them to.



  1. Done ;) I just submitted my bedroom in the international category (it's not up yet!) even though it's not really 'done' and I've made changes to it but couldn't be bothered to take more photographs lol Plus, I don't actually win anything! Fingers crossed for you hun - I absolutely LOVE the bluey-green cabinet! xxx

  2. Thanks Kimberly, I'll look out for your entry, and good luck to you too!