Friday, September 13, 2013

Wingback Chair Makeover Part 1

So I'm finally getting back to doing some DIY.  I know, I know, I've been very lazy in that department, but that all changed last night when, on a whim, I signed up for an intermediary upholstery course through the community ed program (despite the fact that I hadn't taken the beginning course; hope I don't regret it).

During my thrift store excursions I'm always coming across upholstered furniture that has seen better days and often I think, wow, wouldn't that look great with some cool new fabric? However, although I've upholstered a few things before, I've never taken a chair down to its bare components which is what is often needed with thrift store finds.

But what should I upholster?  Fortunately, I had a thrift store wingback chair that I had previously tinkered with but never finished.  I had been meaning to donate it back, but hadn't gotten around to it.  Anyway, here is how it started.

The instructor warned me that I was probably taking on a more difficult upholstery project than a beginner should consider.  But I'm up for the challenge.

The first step is to strip all of the old material off.  Easy peasy NOT.  Well it's not difficult, but it is time consuming as you have to remove a gazillion staples.  Luckily I had lots of tools to aid me in this process.

I scoffed at the instructor when he told me it would probably take two or three sessions to do this stage.    Well, he wasn't wrong! Three hours later, and all I had managed to remove were the back, wings and sides.  However, I did find 60 cents in loose change and a couple of tic tacs.

And this is where I left it.  Doesn't it look like it has ears?

Stay tuned each week as I update you on my progress.

And here's a pretty upholstery piece that one of the ladies in the class has been working on.

It's going to be fabulous!

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  1. I've always wanted to take a course like that. I'm going to be attempting a couple of faux bamboo chair seats, that's about as complicated as I am willing to try right now so I'm impressed on your tenacity on your much more difficult piece! Look forward to seeing the progress! xxx