Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Changes at The Cottage

We spent a lovely few quiet days over New Years up in Park City at our little condo/cottage/cabin/condage/cobin. The weather was lovely, but it really needs some snow up there!  We've had to make a few changes at the cottage in preparation for renting it out this year. The main thing we had to do was change out most of the furniture in the boys' bedroom. That was a super sad day for me because we had to get rid of a lot of the kid stuff, including the two beds and their table and chairs. Sniff, sniff.

Here's how the room looks now.  

I reused my old bed from my house.  The white dresser and red dresser were already in the room.  The mirror, lights and rug I bought from Sundance and were no longer being used in my house.  The only things I had to buy were the mattress and bedding.

Here's how the room looked before when it was the boys' bedroom.

And this was our walk the day after New Years Day.

I told you we desperately need snow.

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