Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Memories 2011

Christmas Eve, the boys finished decorating the gingerbread house.

Callum lost not one, but two teeth, exactly a year from the day when he lost his first tooth on Xmas Eve 2010.  The Tooth Fairy was extremely generous.

Christmas books were read in front of the fire.

A mince pie was left for Santa.

 Damian spent all day slaving over a Buche de Noel.

Finally, Christmas morning arrives.

Thanks, Santa!

Present opening is very civilized in our house!

 Lots of lego was received.

 Yesss! Speedstacks!

 Thanks, Mum.

Thanks, Auntie Anne-Marie.  Love the gift of annuals from the UK.

Uh, oh, that doesn't look like a very happy face.

Callum, don't you realize that you haven't opened all of your presents yet?

Phew, Santa came through with the Millennium Falcon.

Seriously, two instruction books, 1254 pieces.

 Roman loves his lego ninjago blacksmith shop.

Traditional British roast dinner.  Well, with the exception of the vegi-turkey.

 Callum trying to hide from the brussel sprout.

Boxing Day, Callum finishes his Millennium Falcon.  Phew, lets hope it doesn't break.

Peace at last.

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