Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Library/Music Room Progress

The Christmas decorations have been put away for another year, so now it's time to make some progress on the library/music room.  I decided that I wanted to glam up the plain ikea billy bookcases by adding some sconces either side.  I had quite a few to choose from but it really came down to budget in the end.  I knew I wanted something in brass to go with the fireplace and mirror, and I wanted the plate to be round and not square to offset the blockiness of the mantel & shelves.  Here's how they look.


Below is an inspiration picture that I pinned onto Pinterest.

My shelves are looking far from styled.  I think I need to buy a hundred more books!  I did buy quite a few more from the thrift store today, but even at their reduced prices it adds up.

You may also notice that there's a large stack of wood next to the fireplace.  Purely decorative of course.  Tomorrow I'll post some pictures that inspired that design decision.

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  1. i love this! just bought a house & thinking of converting the formal dining room to a library / music room. thanks for all the beautiful pics!