Saturday, January 21, 2012

This & That (a grasshopper, some books & a chair)

I just met Emily Henderson in a store in Salt Lake City.  If you're not familiar with her she's an HGTV Design Star winner and host of Secrets From a Stylist on HGTV.  Anyhoo, she's in town for the Alt Summit, a design blogger's conference.  I bumped into her in The Green Ant, an awesome, authentic mid century modern used furniture store.  She's very cute!  Anyway,  I didn't buy anything in that store because it's way beyond my budget, but I did purchase something usual from a store just down the block.

Isn't he cute?  And only $25.  

I also added some inexpensive frames which I need to fill.  And when I say inexpensive, I mean $1 each from the dollar store.  You can't beat that.

Look, he even does tricks!

He reminds me of the mercury grasshopper that I blogged about last year from West Elm.  I think I made fun of that one!

Mine is much more handsome and a little less creepy looking.

Talking of bargains, I also found these marvelous vintage children's books at a thrift store.  $1.49 each.

They're cloth bound from the early 1960's.  The illustrations are so classic.  Speaking of cloth bound, I've also ordered some Penguin cloth bound classics which are considerably more than $1.49!  But they're every so pretty and I may even read them one day.

Well, what else is new?  I had a burst of creative energy this week and finally decided to do something with the wing back chair that I bought from the DI for $10.

Umm, how about trimming it out with some Thomas Paul silhouette fabric in turquoise?

Nope, hubby said it looked unfinished, and I thought it would look too busy if I carried the pattern all over the chair.  Plus, I really want a pink chair!  And I will have one, so there.

Look chevrons, in an ombre fashion.  God I'm so trendy.

All the boys had a melt down over the design above.  Why, what's wrong with pink, ombre chevrons?  Damian said it looked like it belonged in a brothel!  Now, normally I do get my own way with decorating, but when people have such strong objections, then I have to listen, right?

So here was the compromise that I came up with.  I know the Union Jack has been done to death.  But I am British, and it's gonna be pink!  Funnily the boys all seemed to like this design, so a pink British flag chair it will be.  Or maybe not, I'm classic at changing my mind.  It may end up with a white linen slipcover with a skirt like this one from my favourite designer, Windsor Smith.


Wish me luck, and stay tuned for the big reveal.


  1. I love how you laid the fabric out to visualize the chair! All your re-upholstering completely inspires me!

  2. Victoria, thanks so much for the nice comment. Yes, sometimes it takes me ages to make a decision because I have so many ideas. I definitely have to lay out each stage so I can fully visualize it before I commit.