Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More Brass

Okay, so I may have overdone it this time.  I've been wanting to get a fancy/nice music stand for the music/library room for some time.  Fortunately I found one at a consignment store that was both in budget and in keeping with the other brass/gold objects in the room.

I picked up the candle sticks for 99c and the crab ashtray complete with antique ash for only $5.99.

But then I spotted this beauty; a folding peacock fireplace screen.  Trouble is, as nice as it is, I think it's just a little bit too Victorian for the room (funny, because it is a Victorian house, built in 1907).  But it's starting to look a bit grannified, if you know what I mean.  So the screen will probably stay folded and in a corner because you can't return consignment store goods.

And because the thermostat has broken for the furnace and it's only 55 degrees in here, we thought it best to light a fire.

Looks way better without the screen, oh well, anyone want to buy it?

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