Sunday, November 7, 2010

Pantry makeover

Everyone has a room in their house that ends up as the catchall for you name it. Ours happens to be the pantry. It's directly off the kitchen and has the original built-ins which inspired the whole kitchen remodel. Unfortunately it's become a bit of a junk heap. Because it is so visible to the rest of the kitchen, I thought it was about time this room got a makeover. I'll be posting pictures throughout the weeks as to the progress (yes we work slowly in this house!). Here's what's happening so far.
Looks more like a library/janitorial closet than a pantry.
Hmm, I have an idea, turn it into a bar complete with mini fridge. A wine fridge would obviously look more sophisticated, but seriously, when I've seen wine fridges in peoples' houses, they've either only got a couple of bottles of wine in them, or are full of beer and other beverages. So I thought a mini fridge would be more appropriate in our situation.

Image censored/doctored so as not to shock!  Commonly referred to in England as "builder's buttocks".

That is one ugly looking light fixture! And don't get me started on the weird meringue frosting wall texture. Notice the worrying soot marks on the light fixture. Can anyone say bad electrical wiring!

Leaning tower of toilet rolls

So we have chosen the above light fixture which is made in England. Currently on sale at, you guessed it, Anthropologie. It's a very pale blue which will go nicely with the wall rack.
This is a picture of the dresser in out kitchen. This is what I'm hoping the pantry cupboards will look like eventually. The current plan is to relocate the books to a new bookshelf in the music room, and to use the pantry for storing kitchen related items. I'm thinking of lining it with beadboard, either in sheets or with the above paintable beadboard wallpaper. I'll then probably paint it a light turquoise.

Hope you're enjoying your Sunday. Apartment Therapy contest ends tomorrow. I won't win, but I'm aiming for more than 400 votes. Still time to vote if you haven't. I'll post the results tomorrow. (I'm currently last, but hey you can't please everyone.)

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  1. Just when I think your home is perfect, you think of a way to make it better! Always an inspiration!