Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Gone to the birds....

Why am I so drawn to birds in decor?

rug & pillow by Thomas Paul

Is it their shape or their sweet nurturing nature?

pillows by Thomas Paul & Pottery Barn, curtains by Anthropologie

Maybe it's the variety of colours they come in.

I see a bird related design project in my future.

This sideboard needs lightening up.  I'm contemplating lining it with this bird wrapping paper.

Plates on the walls in the kitchen, not considered too country anymore, I hope.

All plates Anthropologie

A couple of new additions to the bird family.

mummy bird & baby bird

bird pouf by Zid Zid Kids, yes I need to iron the slipcover!

bird prints from Pottery Barn

Even the bubble bath has birds in it!  

Not content to have birds just at home, I've even been known to wear them.

More birds in the bathroom!

mummy ducky & baby ducky, collage picture by local artist

Current obsession is this gorgeous wallpaper by Louise Body.  It comes in two colourways, blue & stone.

images from here

Hope you enjoyed my bird-brained tour.  Next stop, flowers!


  1. Love the mommy bird and baby bird sculptures/figurines.

  2. Thanks, Utah Mommy, aren't they sweet? Now I just need to put some photos in the frames behind them.