Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Realestalking...I could totally Kelly Wearstler this house!

I bet you didn't know this but I used to be a Realtor and still hold a license, albeit on hold. But I still stalk the realty listings like nobodies' business. You would not believe the recent listing that I came across. It's like Gone With The Wind meets Mother Dearest, but set in lush grounds that are totally taken care of by the HOA. I think I about fainted. And you wouldn't believe the price, only $625K. Well I do know that's a lot of money but you can't usually buy sh*t around here for that much. And when you compare it to Kelly Wearstler's Beverly Hills home that she had on the market recently for something like $40m, well, then it's a drop in the ocean.

Take a look:

Seriously! Built in 1932 with marble floors, grand entry way, brass railing, I die!

And below are pictures from Kelly Wearstler's home. Similar, non?

I'm really tempted to call the Realtor tomorrow to have a look. This would be a great home to do some serious killer interior decor in!


  1. Agree, that place has some serious potential! And the price ain't too shabby, we can split it? You can live in the West Wing and I'll live in the East Wing... deal? ;)

    1. Kimberly, I did go to see it. And it is as magnificent as the photos suggest. Unfortunately it's surrounded by condos in the quietest neighbourhood I've ever been in. With my rowdy bunch I think we'd have many a complaint from the HOA.