Thursday, May 23, 2013

Client Project Update

The CB2 ottoman arrived and it looks perfect in the space. It does just what I wanted it to do which was break up the sea of Ikea (not that Ikea is a bad thing, but you do want to have a mixture of elements). I still think I should add a chartreuse throw pillow, maybe as a gift to the clients ;)

I also managed to spruce up their guest room for very little cost. They have an amazing faux bamboo chinoiserie style bedroom set that most people would die for. The current finish is a washed out green which makes the set look, well, granny from Florida! I would love them to have them sprayed a gloss white. Maybe I'll have to get the spray can out myself. But for now, here is a little sneak peek. The mirror was an unbelievably low price of $50 from HomeGoods, as were the lamps at $60 each. I chose the blue color because they have an existing navy window shade that will be staying. The yellow body pillow is an attempt to add a pop of color and some plumpness to the bed. What I'd really love to see there instead is a chiang mai dragon lumbar pillow to tie in with the chinoiserie vibe. It would also add some much needed punches of color.

1 comment:

  1. That bedroom set is unbelievable - please please convince them to paint it!! (Or sneak in in the night and just do it for them ;)) It would look amazing in white. And yes to the Chiang Mai bolster. You're off to a fabulous start! xxx