Monday, May 27, 2013

Client Family Room in Action

And with this, my job is done! How perfect to be able to fit 21 kids around the tv watching The Lord of the Rings while the adults had quiet adult time outside.

And here's some pictures without the multitude of kiddies.

Not bad for a basement family room.

In the picture below you can see that we had a slight challenge with what to do with the different curtain heights.  I decided to go with a wire/cable system that makes the hanging system almost invisible.

 And just a reminder, here's how the room looked before:

I swear that shot above is not staged!  That is how they'd had this room for two years.

The blue tape is marking out the new sectional.

There are a couple of things that I would like to add/change.  Namely, the treadmill and bike, but unfortunately there just isn't anywhere else they can go.  And they must face the TV hence them sticking out into the room.  

The carpet and wall color had to stay the same.

The homeowner doesn't like a lot of extra things, so there won't be any side tables or bookshelves.  I did suggest getting a small "c table" to go over the chaise.

Something like this one from CB2.

It's see through so it wouldn't add any extra visual clutter, and it has wheels so it could be moved easily to the side.

Or these colorful slim metal ones from Room and Board:

But for now, the room is pretty much done!

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