Thursday, May 9, 2013

Client Project Progress

Things are moving along quite nicely with the Federal Heights project.  The curtains are up and look amazing.  They add just the right amount of color and pattern to the far end of the room.

And remember in my last post when I said it was really hard finding decent throw pillows that weren't either really expensive or cheap and crappy.  And remember when I said that I wouldn't recommend decorating a room from one source.  Well, I found some pillows.  Guess where from?  Yep. Ikea.  Couldn't beat the price or the quality.  The client was surprised when I turned up with 7 of them, but it's a large sectional and it definitely can handle it.

My client gave the green light on this chartreuse storage ottoman from CB2.  Notice the accent trim on the rug.

And to tie in more chartreuse, we're adding the Bernhard chair from Ikea to go in front of the keyboard.

I asked if it was OK to add another pillow.  I'm thinking this one from World Market.

The client said no.  But I think I might sneak it in anyway and ask forgiveness later ;)

Things are moving along quickly.  Can't wait to show you the big reveal.

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