Monday, May 23, 2011

More Chevron!

Do you believe in The Secret?  What's that got to do with chevron or design, you're probably thinking.  Well, sometimes I'm not quite quick enough pulling the trigger on something I want (which can be a good and a bad thing).  Many a time I've put something in my virtual shopping cart only to find out at checkout that the item is sold out.  Has that ever happened to you?  It's a real bummer and when it happens, it just makes you want that item even more.  Well it happened to me last week regarding a rug.  My design board for the office originally had a grey and white striped rug on it.  I had planned on buying a white rug from ikea and painting stripes on one side and chevron on the other, so that I could switch it up from time to time.  When I got the rug from ikea and tried it out at home, it didn't quite work because of the type of material (it would bunch up all over the place).  So back it went.  I'd forgotten all about putting a rug in there until I spotted this beauty.

image from here

You're probably thinking, just as my husband does, not more bloody chevron!  But it's so Madeline Weinrib, I can't resist.  Plus it's only $69! So I popped it into my virtual shopping bag, not worried that it said it was on back-order, hey a girl can wait for something she really wants.  Anyhow, I decided to actually checkout a day later, and horror of all horrors, it was SOLD OUT!  Aghh.  So I called customer service, and they said they couldn't find it on their site, then after a few clicks they said that a number of stores had one including Salt Lake.  So I called all the stores and no one had it!  But I'm a persistent kind of girl, and it's paid off in the past.  I emailed customer service and explained my dilemma.  They told me it was still on backorder, but that I could call customer service and they should be able to order me one.  Umm, well I wasn't convinced, but thankfully when I called this morning they could indeed order it for me.  Instead of doing it on the computer, the costumer service rep had to write my information down, which seems a bit archaic and fishy, but she said that the item would arrive sometime in August.  Fingers crossed, I'm still half expecting to receive another email saying that the item can no longer be sent.  My thoughts are that this is so close a copy of the Madeline Weinrib rug pictured below, that they've put a cease on Urban selling it on their website.  Just a thought.  I think the same thing happened to West Elm and Pottery Barn a few years ago with one of their tile rugs.

image from here
So I'll keep you posted, and hope that my persistence pays off.

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