Thursday, May 19, 2011

It's All in the Details {how to prettify Ikea magazine boxes}

When in Pottery Barn the other day, I spotted these pretty sticky notes by Cavallini Papers & Co.  

I decided to snap them up, hoping that they would work for a little project I had in mind.  

Thankfully they did!  And they fit in nicely with my plan to make the home office exceedingly girly.

I'm sure that everyone that lives within 100 miles of an Ikea has these generic Kassett storage boxes.  They're really handy and cheap if a little bland.  

The sticky notes add just a touch of colour and interest to the all white boxes.

You can also get them in different styles, if butterflies aren't your thing.  And had I known they came with birds on them, well...

You can't get them on-line at Pottery Barn, but Touch of Europe has them.  The thing is, they look so pretty, I don't want to spoil them by actually writing on them.

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