Monday, May 2, 2011

Celebrating the Royal Wedding British Style

In lieu of rising at the ungodly hour of 3 a.m to watch the royal wedding, we decided to postpone festivities til later in the day (a time that was acceptable to drink champagne and consume lurvely traditional British fare).

We invited over our good friends and their family to celebrate.

Sheila & Andy
 Of course I served British food.

I dug out a pretty crocheted tablecloth that was given to us at our wedding.

I used my best sterling silver platters (from the dollar store!).

I bet Will's & Kate's food wasn't as posh as ours.

 Gourmet cucumber sandwiches (with crusts removed) & prawn cocktail.

And for dessert, trifle (served up in my best crystal bowl, again from the dollar store).

Check out the wedding cake candle.

I thought it was only fitting to dress up.  But what to wear on my head?  Unfortunately my favourite fascinator was at the cleaners, so I improvised this little number.

Blurry picture, because I was feeling quite blurry at this stage
No animals or children were hurt during the making of this head piece, but a stuffed doll did lose its hat!

Check out the fascinators on these Royals.

Eugenie & Beatrice
Not to be mean, but notice the striking resemblance between the above & below.

Ugly stepsisters


  1. I like the dig at the end.

  2. Jen, I was a bit hesistant about leaving that last comment, but we did have a good laugh about how they looked. Also, I can be rest assured that no Royalty will be reading this blog ever!

  3. What a fabulous way to celebrate! :)