Monday, February 10, 2014

Mid Century Modern @ West Elm

While sourcing furniture for a new client who lives in a classic mid century home, I came across these new additions in West Elm.

Marble topped coffee table!!  Need I say more?  The sectional has great lines and proportions.

More marble, this time on a sleek console that wouldn't look out of place on a Mad Men set.  

Doesn't this chair look comfortable?

These are all making me wish that I had a more of a modern style home.  Luckily I can live vicariously through my clients.

But if there was anything that made my heart beat a little faster, it was definitely this lamp!  Absolutely lovely.  Brass and marble; a match made in heaven.

This painting actually looks really good in real life.  It's large and has a nice simple frame.  I recently went art shopping, and an original abstract art this size would cost a few thousand.  Not that you can really compare an original to mass produced art, but this has so much texture that it almost looks real.

I was really impressed by this glass pendant.  It's large enough that it can be used alone over an informal dining table and has a lovely glow when lit.

Which are your favorites?


  1. Quoting a rather great film, "I LOVE LAMP." I've just ordered one of their fabulous marble top coffee tables - can't wait to get my mitts on it! I don't think we have such a selection just yet here but if that lamp comes over, it's MINE! xxx

  2. Kimberly I'm not familiar with that quote, but I'll definitely google it! Looking forward to seeing your new coffee table.