Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Inexpensive art using Waterlogue app

Well I have wasted way too much time today playing with my new Waterlogue app!

I decided to print some of my masterpieces out and hang them on the wall.  The real question was, would they look as good or real once printed?  I have to say I've been pleasantly surprised.

I bought some good quality 90lb watercolor paper (not too thick that it wouldn't go through the printer).  I cut the paper down to 8x10 to fit.  I then printed it out using the photo on fine paper setting figuring this would give the best color.

There are quite a number of different settings that you can choose on the app.  It took quite a few minutes to figure out which look I liked best.  Some of the settings give more of a photo look which isn't what I was going for.  The bottom two pictures are using this setting, and if you notice, they look almost too realistic from far away.

I like the effect best in the picture above.  Not too realistic.

I just stuck it up there in the picture above, because there was a nail hole.  But I think a series of them going down the stairway might look quite nice.

Or maybe one large one next to the plant?  I wonder how much Kinkos would charge to print off a big one, and whether it would look pixelated?

But what I think would look really cool would be if you could somehow pause the process of painting mid way through and get something a little more abstract.  It's hard to explain, but if you use the app you'll see what I mean.  The pictures below are screen shots I took before the paintings were complete.

Here's a breakdown of how much my three pictures cost:

Waterlogue app $2.99
Watercolor paper $4.99 for 15 sheets.
3 basic black frames with mats $6.99 each.

Is it weird that I have pictures of my house in my house?  Yeah, probably.  I did try the app on pictures of my kids, but it just made them look creepy.  I think I'll keep playing with it and see what else I can come up with; maybe vacation pictures will be more appropriate.

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