Friday, June 7, 2013

Silver Chandelier - Yay or nay?

I have a new client, yipee! Well actually I have 2 new ones, and I'll tell you about them in good time. But all these new clients are giving me a serious excuse to stalk all of my favourite vintage resale stores. And I am finding some absolute treasures. Roman thinks I'm going all grannyfied in my interiors, huh, what does he know, he's only 10! But I really do love the classic lines of some pieces that I've come across recently.

Case in point. Look at this amazing chandelier. It looks like solid silver. It even has that silver tarnish look. I tried looking for a silver mark but couldn't find one (it may be silver plated though). It weighs an absolute ton. And it's only $100. But sadly I have no need for it yet. I'm thinking I might have to rent a storage unit.

I just did a google search on antique silver plated chandeliers and this beauty came up.

Wow, that's over $3000!  Still not sure if the one I saw is silver plated, but it certainly looks similar, non?  Should I buy it?


  1. I'm probably too late for this but YES buy it!! You'll find a home for it, I'm sure - it's stunning :) xxx