Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Obama Vs. Mitt Romney

Yesterday marked a momentous occasion for my husband and I.  It was the first time we got to vote in an American election since moving here 18 years ago!  This is probably one of the main reasons we decided to become citizens in the first place.  And we were of course thrilled with the result.

The boys have been learning about the election and the process for many months now and probably know more about the electoral college than I do.  I love how their teachers have encouraged them to watch the debates and participate in political discussions at school.  Roman was particularly interested in the dynamics between the two candidates, so much so that he penned a few cartoons.

This first one was inspired by his own defeat in the class election for student council representatives.

He wrote the one below after watching the second debate.

And finally he did this last night after some of the stations had declared Obama the winner!  No wonder he was tired this morning.

Mitt's comment on the top right hand corner is "darn it".  Sorry my scanner cut it off.  But couldn't you imagine him saying that?
If you want to see more of Roman's cartoons or drawings you can visit his blog Roman's Road of Adventures.

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