Thursday, November 8, 2012

Apartment Therapy Room for Color Winners

So I didn't win Apartment Therapy's Room for Color Contest 2012. But I did come close! I came second in my division. The room that beat me was Allie's "Contrasting Neutrals" Room. The winners are chosen on how many "favorites" they get.

Here's a round-up of how the voting went, and the rooms that made it to the finals in their division.

That's my room above. 2000+ pins, 224 favorites (votes), 49 comments (all positive apart from one person rolling their eyes at my color-coded books!).

Allie's room beat mine to win in the light division. Um, not much to say about this room. And lucky for Allie she found a loop-hole in the voting system (although it's still against the rules).

I like Amit's room probably the best out of the four. It was a little plain, but had the best design in my opinion.

Dana's Room was one of the most controversial hence the large number of comments. People felt that it only won because of her large blog following. But that's not against the rules. What is against the rules is getting people to vote multiple times for your room which one of the finalists had done (this enabled them to win their division).

Kellie's room won the whole contest. I don't think it was really people's favorite judging by the comments. I think it has some nice elements to it, but a tad over designed.

I probably won't enter again next year unless Apartment Therapy changes how the winners are decided, or does a better job of monitoring the voting. The only one that I felt truly merited their win was in the international division. Jane's Room was bold, daring and fun.

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  1. I came here to see your fab yellow chair (pinerest). I am your newest follower!