Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ikat Chevron Wingback Chair

Ok I maybe a bit obsessed with chevron, and thankfully I think that obsession is starting to wane.  But look what I spotted today at a local consignment store!  A little bit of nailhead trim on some ribbon on the bottom and maybe blue legs and you have a very modern looking wingback chair.  I think I'll show the hubby and see what he thinks.  He's bound to think I've lost my mind.

And if I told you it was almost a tenth of the price of the Josef wingback chair from Anthropologie, you maybe wondering why I haven't snapped it up yet.  Maybe it's because I remember what my friend Jenne said to my husband about me needing a "chevron intervention".  Umm, I might have to ignore that and deal with the derision.

And here's some more ikat chevron chairs.

Julia Wong

Williams Sonoma Home
And talking about chevron, I keep seeing my chevron/floral office chair popping up all over other people's blogs.  Often there isn't a link to the image and I just happen to stumble across it by accident.  It's always a pleasant surprise.  It seems my chair has inspired many people including someone who even designed a greetings card after it!?!


  1. How bizarre. Just a few days ago I picked up an identical chair off the curb, where it was destined for the trash. It's more faded than yours, but otherwise they could be twins. Perhaps there's some sort of Ikat wingback conspiracy afoot...

  2. So funny, my husband says I need a chevron intervention as well. speaking of....where did you find the chevron chair that says julia wang? I'm in love! Thanks :)

  3. Hi April, I tried to look for it on, but it doesn't seem to be there any more. It's by Julia Wong.

  4. Thanks so much! I love your blog!