Tuesday, May 22, 2012

2012 Giro & Backyard

Last weekend was a busy one for us.  We took part in the annual Giro which involves 20 friends riding bikes between 4 houses for food & drinks.  The weather was perfect and everyone outdid themselves with the menu choices this year. Because of our newly acquired citizenship we decided to do an American theme.  Our good friends, Andrea & Michael, prepared some fabulous sliders with all the fixings you can imagine while we made coleslaw, sweetcorn & Lynchburg lemonades.

picture courtesy of Tricia W.

This is Chris showing us how to make the perfect mile high slider.

And here are some pictures of the backyard (garden to us British).  It's always a work in progress and is looking a bit shabby around the edges, but it's lovely and peaceful.  We plan on replacing the deck boards and painting the railing some time soon.

The rose bush is gorgeous this time of the year.  Pity it wasn't in bloom for the Giro.

This is Ringo's favorite spot.  Oh what a life.


  1. That's a fine garden. When is Stage 2? We'd like to enter our team.

    1. Thanks, we'd love to have you join but Ketchums a bit far off for a leisurely ride between stages ;)