Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cottage Before, During & After, Part 1

Five years ago we took on a small project of renovating a 1980s circa ski condo.  It was at the height of the market (didn't know that at the time), and condos were being snatched up all over Park City, Utah.  There wasn't much inventory but we were looking for something small that we could make our own.  This is what we found.

What were we thinking?  What is that oil spill on the carpet?

Doesn't look too bad from this angle.

That heater on the right looks like a fire hazard waiting to happen!

That is one ugly looking kitchen, yuck.

Atleast they did the dishes.
Bedroom with more fire hazard heaters!  Shame the furniture didn't convey, it fits perfectly with the 80s theme.


Bathroom, after a wall was removed between the bath and the second vanity. (sorry can't figure out how to turn it).

 Two vanities in two separate rooms! Fancy!

Hope you enjoyed the mini tour.  Tomorrow I'll bring you the during.

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