Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New Christmas decorations, bought & handmade.

We still don't have our tree.  If Damian had it his way, we probably wouldn't have it til the 20th, but it doesn't stop me from buying ornaments, or even making them, sooner.

I've always liked colourful decorations.  Since I've had kids I can't help but like decorations that are particularly kid centric.  Anything to do with candy, dolls, toys, cupcakes, bears, you name it.  I'll save the sophisticated all white Christmas decorating for when the kids are older, or maybe not at all.

I like to make at least one decoration each year.  Many years ago, I handmade some ornaments out of papier mache and hand painted glass baubles.  A couple of years ago I made real gumdrop garlands and baubles.  I hot glued colourful sugared gumdrops onto Styrofoam balls and hung them on the tree.  They were so heavy, they were a bit of a hazard and almost brought the whole tree down at one point!  Stringing the gumballs into garlands was also a bit of a pain.  The sewing needles would become so encrusted with gummy goo that it was nearly impossible to thread the little buggers.  Not to mention I had visions of mice having a lovely feast on the gummy candy when the decorations were stored in the basement.  (I wasn't going to simply discard them after all of the effort!)  Last year I made a square wreath out of cranberries and hung it on the front door.  It looked lovely until the cranberries decided to become unglued and were promptly trodden on and dragged through the house by the kids.  But I digress.....

This year I'm making a non-perishable, non-gooey, non-hazardous (at least to anyone over the age of 3) garland out of colourful wooden beads.  I bought a pack of beads from Michaels using a 40% off coupon that came to under $10.  I strung them onto wool that I already had using a large wool needle.  I made 2 garlands approx 12 feet long and a couple of candy canes (strung onto pipe cleaners).  I feel pretty proud of myself because I came up with this idea all by myself.  Most of my other decorating forays had been copying other peoples' design, usually Marthas.  Maybe I should make a bunch and sell them for an outrageous price on Etsy.  But someone is probably already doing that!

Here's a couple of piccys of the work in progress.

 The kids were being very helpful; Ringo not so much.

A couple of new purchases from Homegoods.  Real Steinbach ornaments for a fraction of their normal selling price.  The nutcracker was $50 and the wooden airplane ornaments were $5.

Felt birds & bells from Trifecta Design.

In our house, you never know where the nutcracker is going to end up.  Here he is giving his own rock concert complete with flashing lights, stage & backing singers.

Rock on Mr. Nutcracker.  More Christmas decorations coming soon! 

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