Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Kitchen Prettiness

As the weather finally warms up, it's so nice to be able to bring some colorful spring blooms into the house.  Here's some pretty pictures of the flowers that I currently have in my kitchen.

The orchid was a gift from a friend over 2 months ago.  It's doing remarkably well.  I make sure that I only water it a tiny amount once a week.

The hydrangea I bought from Trader Joe's on Saturday.  You have to water it everyday or it will wilt.

The flowers above were part of a tablescape that I did for a dinner we hosted.

The red roses were a Mother's Day gift from my lovely boys.

I'm thinking about putting a shaped mirror above the sink.  It's looking a little bare.  Of course if I was to do the kitchen over again, I would have a full on marble backsplash and counters.  I've been toying with doing a simple subway tile, we'll see.


I love the view from the kitchen through to the bookshelves in the music room.  It's so bright and cheery with all of the different colored spines.

Hope you enjoyed this mini tour of my kitchen!

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  1. Oh it all looks so fresh and pretty! I love having fresh flowers, they just make me smile when I come into a room :) xxx