Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sweet Brass Chairs

I swear I have design ADD or probably just ADD in general.  No I haven't finished the banquette yet, but I've already managed to get distracted by yet another project!  I need serious help.

The banquette has taken a lot out of me.  It was way harder than I anticipated.  Maybe it's because I'm a bit of a perfectionist; but those damned tufts!  Ugh, why can't they be completely even and look like the tufted chairs in stores?

So I'm taking a mini break until I muster up enough energy to complete it.

In the meantime, look what I found.

And at an unbelievable price of $5 for both.  Yes, you read that right, $2.50 a piece!  Yes, they're gross and the kids refuse to sit in them ever, even after I recover them.  But ooh the possibilities.

Let's have a look, shall we?

Graphic or floral?

Different fabric on back and front?

Way too busy I think.

Narrowing it down.

Love all of these Caitlin Wilson prints.

Which one do you think I'm going to go for?

This is definitely a contender.  It's outdoor fabric so great for repelling stains; it's pink, which I love;  and the pattern is not too bold that it overwhelms the chair.

But there's something about this next one that just speaks to me.

Yes, I know, bloody chevron again!  I know most of you are probably sick of chevron, but this is slightly more chic wouldn't you agree?

But then again I'm also leaning towards no pattern.

But instead a lovely soft velvet.  Decisions, decisions.  I hope I don't ponder too long over this one.  What would you choose?


  1. Those are amazing. So many possibilities, but I think I like the first one best (the outdoor fabric). Can't wait to see what you do!

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

    1. Angela, my husband also likes the outdoor fabric the best. I still haven't made up my mind as it changes every minute!

  2. Ha, ha—you actually went to the DI! I can spot those tags a mile away. I'd go with the outdoor fabric, too, but you know how I feel about chevrons. ;)

    1. Jenne you know I can always count on you for an honest opinion ;)

  3. Oh wow, what a steal! I think they are all rather pretty but if it were me, I'd go for a sophisticated velvet but in an unexpected colour l like that juicy melon colour of the chevron fabric - lush! xxx

    1. Yes, sometimes less is more. The simplicity of the brass frame calls for something understated.

  4. I love the idea of different fabric on the front and back. :-)