Thursday, January 10, 2013

Instagram - life through a filter

Yes, I am really late to this little party.  I honestly thought that you had to have an i-phone to take Instagram photos.  Silly me.  Anyway, I noticed that a lot of bloggers are now posting pictures that they've taken with this app.  It really can make a little vignette look more interesting.  You can use it to turn regular photos into Instagram pics or you can use the camera on your i-pad and use the app directly.  In someways it does a better job with the i-pad camera than photos from my SLR camera.  I think it's because the app crops the photo to a square which changes the look of the pictures already taken.

So I decided to Instagram a few old pictures from the blog.  There are a bunch of different filters and effects you can use.  I haven't decided which is my favourite yet.

Ok, so a little bit of research on the internet just led me to another photo editing app, snapseed, which I think I actually like better than instagram. They have a lot more editing options and you don't have to crop your photos to a square! Check out these pictures below.

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