Saturday, December 22, 2012

Peacock Mirror

So progress is slowly being made on tjuzing (zooshing) the downstairs.  I've spent the past week painting various pieces of furniture. There was an unfortunate incident with the glass cabinet that was in the family room.  We had to move the furniture out onto the deck so that the floors could be refinished.  Even though we covered the furniture, some water got in and ruined the finish of said cabinet.  Can't say I was sad because I always thought that the natural wood was too dark anyway.  So you could say it was kind of ruined accidentally on purpose.  But what color to paint it?  I really didn't have green on the radar until I heard that emerald was Pantone's color of the year.  I like emerald, but I wanted the green to be reflective of the chandelier in the kitchen and the green in the drapes (I like it when a colour is repeated).

The picture below is probably more reflective of the actual colour.

I also bought a new mirror to go over it.  It's the peacock mirror from Z Gallerie.  I like how it brings an ethnic boho vibe to the room.  It really should be bigger, but unfortunately the budget doesn't stretch to the really large and fancy one from Wisteria.

Here's an inspiration picture that helped me decide on the color and the mirror.

I think it's the same mirror, maybe they just touched it up with some gold paint.

Here's some other pretty peacock mirror images.

Sources here.


  1. As soon as I saw your gorgeous newly painted cabinet with that amazing mirror, I immediately thought of your inspiration picture! Gorgeous interpretation of it, love it!

    I've been thinking a peacock mirror would be a rather fabulous addition to my own home too - they are just fabulous! I have no idea where to get one in the UK however which is pretty much the story of my life lol

    Happy Christmas! xxx

    1. Hi Kimberly, thanks for the comment. I'm surprised you can't find the mirror in the UK. If it's any consolation, the UK has fabulous wallpapers and fabrics that you can only buy online here and have shipped at a huge expense :) Not to mention the coolest appliances (although that is changing somewhat with the addition of West Elm now selling Smeg!).

      Happy Christmas to you too!
      Enjoy the British traditions.