Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Adding Some Bohemia to the Library/Music Room

If you know me then you'll know that every room in my house has to have at least some form of pattern somewhere.  The music room was looking a little bare to me since removing the chevron settee that was previously in front of the fireplace.  I also needed a new place for Callum to be able to sit and strum his guitar.  And to keep the music room from looking too formal, I thought some patchwork floor cushions would do the trick.  Lucky for me, Pottery Barn were having a sale so I snapped these up.

The boys love to do their homework lying on the snuggly rug.

The colours in the cushions reflect all the different colours of the books and help make the room look less formal and more bohemian.

The following pictures are some inspiration photos that I pinned to Pinterest.

Suzy Hoodless Interior Design
Kathryn Ireland

Michael Haverland?
This even has pocket doors like mine.

Emma Reddington - The Marion House Book
The picture above is from the Marion House Book blog.  This was my main inspiration for the mantel.  I had no idea when I picked up the floor cushions that Emma had also used them in her living room until I looked at this photo yesterday. Funny how good design sticks in your head without you even realizing it.

Nathan Turner
You can find the above sources on my Pinterest account.

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