Monday, June 27, 2011

Backyard Bliss

Summer finally arrived last week in Utah!  I've never known such a wet and cold spring since moving here in '94.  Good news is, the climbing rose bush has finally bloomed and is looking better than ever.  Pity it only lasts about two weeks.

Here's some assorted piccys of our garden (yard).


I love how after midday the sun dapples through the grapevines.

nice place for a read

The garden, much like the rest of our house, is still a work in progress.  We practically gutted it a year after we bought our home.  We built the decks, the pergola, the paths, the beds ourselves.  We even laid sod twice (it's still lumpy and crappy, but oh well).  I even made made some ridiculously heavy patio furniture out of cedar which was really uncomfortable and quite frankly ugly (long gone, thank god).

I'll have to show you the before pictures, if I can ever find them.

Meanwhile, here's a picture (not staged, even though his music folder matches the decor perfectly) of Callum practising his songs for band camp.

Notice Little Lord Fauntleroy (Ringo) perched on his throne! Oh, Ringo!

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