Sunday, April 17, 2011

Battle of the Home Offices

My evil plan worked!  I've made the home office so girly that Damian refuses to come in here.  It's finally spurred him in to action to do something with the absolutely wasted space that was formally a garage.  Let the battle begin, may the best girl/boy win.

Starting point.

Items we have to reincorporate into the new spaces:
Mine: desk & chair
His: table, chairs, bookcase, office accessories, rugs, any old piece of crap furniture that has found its way into the garage.

New items:
Mine: bookshelves, bench, light, lamps, office accessories, stool.
His: nothing too expensive, I hope!  Although he is threatening to put in one of those god awful ikea office desks that go round a corner, yuck.

More before pictures of the garage.

Beautiful garage built in the 1950's
Yes that is a fence built across the driveway, hence no access for car, hence dumping ground for old furniture, electronics, paint, anything that was too much effort to take to the dump or sell.

New french doors
 Damian neglected to take before pictures of the old garage door.  Tsk, tsk.  Doesn't he know people want to see true before pictures!  Anyway, the french doors were my idea, don't let him tell you any different.  We also plan on putting a french door that we already had where the stable door was.   No more Mr. Ed, unfortunately.  (People always thought we kept a horse in there!)

What a mess!

So now that we are officially going to have a his & hers office, I can really go over the top.  Umm, where can I incorporate some pink?  I did buy this the other day, which wasn't on my original design board.
Isn't he cute?  Yes, I know another bird thing.

You're probably wondering where he's going to go, well I was in Ikea and spotted this:
Malm table from
So I bought it in white to go along the back wall of the office.

The lamp is from the living room and will be replaced with the owl lamp.

The posters were my compromise for Damian.  I'm thinking of framing them in black.  They're just temporarily propped up there.  I had planned on surprising Damian with an original 40 inches by 60 inches Help poster from the sixties from Ebay.  I even had the winning bid for a couple of hours.  I was prepared to go up to $150, really who would pay more than that for a poster (sorry Kevin!)?  But I was outbid by hundreds!!  Next time Dame.

Back to the garage mahal.  Here are some pretty garage conversions.  I wonder if Damian's plan will turn out like any of these?

image from

image from

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